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Transportation, Cafeteria, and Grade School Security

For those students who are not brought to school by private vehicles, they may avail of this service.  A number of accredited school transportation services operate in the Grade School.  As of today there are one hundred twenty three (123) registered school transportation services registered . 

Accreditation requires that the transport service operator comply with the school’s rules and regulations. Application for accreditation requires the service operator to submit the following to the Traffic Safety and Security Office ( TSS ): 
1. a letter of intent addressed to the TSS .It assumes that the carpool or bus service has a franchise to operate as such.
2. a photocopy of the Certificate of Registration as well as the Registration Official Receipt
3. a copy of the franchise from the Land Transportation Franchising Regulatory Board (LTFRB) to operate in Ateneo
4. proof that the vehicle has passed the Mandated Emission Test


The Main Cafeteria is located strategically at the entrace of the Grade School Campus. The proximity of its location as well as its well furnished and secure facilities, provides a safe environment for our students to hold their recess and lunch breaks. 

Aside from the main cafeteria, satellite cafetrias are deployed in select grade levels, in close proximity to the  classrooms of the younger grade school students.   

Most students from Grades 2-7 buy their snacks and take lunch in the Cafeteria.  The teachers on the other hand, proctor the students at lunch time to monitor their  safety, security and sanitation. But more importantly, their role as mentors for proper hygiene and decorum become relevant in the development of our young Ateneo students. 

For practical considerations ,the Prep boys do not go to the Cafeteria and are instead asked to bring their own food.  However, by the 3rd quarter of he school year they are already introduced to the cafeteria and are taught to buy food at at the Satellite store along the Prep corridors .


The Grade SChool works in close coordination with the security agency and central security office in the implentation and enforcement of security in campus.As part of our effort to ascertain the safety and security of the students under our care, helpful guidelines are given out to students and parents.
Parents, guardians, yayas or drivers, if not for official purposes, are not allowed to enter the grade school premises during class hours.    
For vehicle security and order a copy of the Penalties for Campus Traffic/or Parking Violations is also given out . Finally, in compliance with the requirements of the local governments, regular fire and evacuation drills are conducted in campus.

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