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List of Masters Thesis

Quantifying Programming Styles to Determine Authorship in Java Programming (2009)
by Anna Christine M. Amarra

Streamlining A Software Program for Pedestrian Behavior Analysis (2009)
by Melissa A. Bautista

Performance and Reliability Analysis of Buffered Switch architecture (2009)
by Luisito I. Tabada

On the Complexities of the Block Sorting and Poset Cover Problems(2009)
by Proceso L. Fernandez, Jr.

Are We Having Fun Yet? Mining Interaction Log Files to Identify
Behavior and Affect of Players in Games(2009)
by Ma. Carina Hizon

Benchmarking Current Workforce Practices of IT Department of the Philippine Hotels Using the People Capability Maturity
by Edwin Dela Cruz

Evolving Neural Network in the Gaming of Morris
by Aresh T. Saharkhiz

An Efficient Heuristic for Block Sorting
by Ramon Francisco P. Mejia

Measuring Cognition and Programming Apptitude in an Introductory Computer Science Course
by Aimee Theresa S. Avancena

University Class Timetabling Simulation by Discrete Multi-Valued Particle Swarm Optimization
by Kei Wai Hung

Usability of SMS Pushed Information in a University Setting
by Raul C. Cabotage

Development of a System and Tools for Unified Internet 
Addressing with Public Enum
by William Emmanuel S. Yu 
Developing a Decision Support Data Warehouse for PVN/WEST Enterprises
by Ronelo T. Lemoncito  
Building an Efficient Framework for Developing a Simple Map Locator 
(SML) for Resource Constrained Mobile Phones
by Joshua Jeremy D. Gonzalez  
Implementation of Information Systems in Small and Medium  
Enterprises:  Reasons that Affect the Approach & Motivation for Automation
by John Benedict Que 
Use of Automated Class Merging to Create 
Smaller Java 2:  Micro Edition Applications 
by Jeffrey Jongko  
A Practical Real Time Shadows Algorithm 
Optimize for Modern Consumer Level Graphics Hardware
by Eric Cesar Vidal  
Reduction of Monophonic Music Files to Interval-Only
Representations for Indexing and Content-Based Music Information Retrieval
by Andrei Coronel  
A Survey of Current Software Testing Practices In Metro Manila
by Sandra Francesca A. Lovenia 
Recreating a - 
The Inquirer and INQ7's Online Job Classifieds 
by Arlene Joy B. Ragasa 
Implementing Content Management System for  
Distributing INQ.NET Content Through Wireless Media 
by Ma. Corazon T. Tuazon  
Development and implementation of a Text Preprocessing Application 
for Filipino Text to Speech System Using an Object Oriented Approach
by Sofia Farrah Z. Lentejas  
Implementing a Content Management System to Maintain, the Phlippine's Largest News Website
by Emmanuel P. Estrella  
A Web-Based Database for Philippine Restaurants
by Saravuth Tum 
A Testing Framework for Sorting Permutations 
by Frederick D. Olano
A Proposal for a New Lossless Image Compression Technique 
by Jordan K. Canete 
Causes of Student Attrition in an Online Learning Environment 
by Maria Beatriz V. Espejo  
Implementation of an Oracle-based Cashiering System for the 
Loyola Schools of the Ateneo de Manila University
by Marlene P. Mana 
Implementing a Mobile CRM-SFA Opportunity Tracking Application
by Francis Paul Tiangco

Developing an E-Business Model for Conducting  Electronic Recruiting in Southeast Asia
by Andrew Anthony C. Albert

A Study of E-Commerce and Its Implementation in the Philippine Setting
by Brian C. Tan 

On Dominating Sets of Regular Bipartite Graphs
by Proceso L. Fernandez, Jr.

Implementation Challenges and Strategies of an Organization 
Deploying A Synchronous Online Learning Environment
by Joselito C. Olpoc
Boundary Recognition in Paper Chromatography Implementation Using Java
by Chi Kuong  
Developing a Network Chargeback System for Ateneo De Manila University
Michael L.Y. Chua 
An Object Oriented Analysis and Design Of an E-Commerce
(Virtual Storefront) Application System
by Ma. Nimpha I. Evangelista

A Learner-Centered Computer Aided Instruction 
System for  the Preschool Environment
Jay Robert C. Fernandez

Data Mining: Definite Rules Generation Using A Rough Set Approach
by Jamila Ruth A. Anlim 

ETEEAP by Ariel A. Maguyon
A PC Based Data Acquisition System for the High Powered Liquid Chromatograph (HPLC)
by Ana Elena L. Conjares
Practitioners' Perception of Distributed Database in Davao City
by Aurora  E. Caballero 

An Implementation Of A Business Software Using Ooa And Ood
In An Object-Oriented Relational Database
by Edwin C. Guillermo

Reuse-Based Development Of A Hospital Information System
by Manuel C. Cabido

An Expert System For Gasoline Engine Diagnosis
by Felix A. Diangco
A Comparative Study On The Database Implementation Of An OODBMS And An ORDBMS  
by Maureene F. Bello 

Genetic Algorithms Applied to the Vertex Cover Problem  
by Cielita S. Fermin

A Model Using Fuzzy Logic to Control the Speed of a DC Motor
by Lomesindo T. Caparida

A Comparative Study of Business Object Notation 
and Unified Modeling Language   
Paulina H.P. Rosa

A Rapid Application Development Using Dynamic  
Systems Development Method in Software Development
by Jennifer J. Balbuena 

A Web Interface to MySQL
by Vidol Loeung

Evolution of Genetic Algorithms for Graph Matching  
and Partitioning  
by Mao Neang

An Artificial Neural System That Learns to Inflect  
Tagalog Verbs
by Duane Mari I. Deang 

A Comparative Study Of The Intellectual Property 
Rights Law, Implementing Guidelines and Enforcement 
in Belgium, The United States and Philippines
by Jesus Victor A. Feria

A Decision Support System For Human Resources  
Planning In The Congregation Of The Immaculate  
Conception, Philippine Province
by Sr. Marivic A. Galamay, SFIC

Information Systems Planning:  A Case Study For  
A Property And Real Estate Company  
by Andrew Martino C. Guitarte 
Design And Development Of Gasoline Station System
by Robert Agapito S. Dy 

Estimation Of Programming Effort Using Function  
Point Analysis:  A Case Study  
by Sergio E. Gregorio, Jr

Simula 2000.1 Naval Weapons Simulator
by Juan D. Ilagan

An Automated Computer Center Management System 
For The Notre Dame Of Kidapawan College  
by May A. Santillan 

Financial Analysis And Synthesis Hypermedia Tutor
by Alfred Thomas N. Dizon
CAI For Working Capital Management
by Rosemarie L. Wee

ICAI For Financial Forecasting And Budgeting
by Michelle P. Gallardo

Capital Budgeting Tutor A Courseware For The  
Evaluation Of Capital Investments
by Elizabeth G. Leogo

Fimsys:  The Development Of An Interactive  
Courseware For Financial Management Subject An Intelligent
Computer-Assisted Instruction (ICAI)Project
by Nilo C. Araneta 
An Expert System For Evaluation Of Internal  
Control In Computerized System
by Ernielynn L. Damasco

Multimedia Finger Acupressure  
by Dennis A. Reyes

Multimedia Math CAI 5 (Mmath 5):  The Design and  
Development Of An Educational Mathematics Software  
For Grade 5, A Computer-Assisted Instruction (CAI)Project 
by Aurea M. Perez 

Development Of An Intelligent Computer-Based Evaluation  
System for Preparatory Mathematics
by Alexander S. Tined

An Object-Oriented Design Of A Student Information System
by Joanne F. Cadiz

Expert System Guide For Psychiatric Diagnosis
by Ramonito Ariel A. Cabasan

The Proposed Philippine Navy Computer-Aided  
Shiphandling And Training System (CASTS)
by Amador M. Raga

Bar Coded Library Circulation System for the  
University Of Negros Occidental Recoletos: A Development Plan

by Elmer T. Haro

Developing a Computer-Assisted Instruction Module  
For The Southeast Asian Institute For The Deaf  
by Ma. Regina J. E. Estuar

The Datavis System Developing A Data Visualization   
System To Interpret and Understand A Large Collection
Of Numeric Economic Data
by Presidio R. Calumpit, Jr.

An Expert System On University Course Scheduling
by Eleuterio E. Clareza, Jr.

Human Resources Management Information System
For Nepal Telecommunication Corporation
by Brushan Raj Shrestha

Question Answering System C++
by Elrey Ronald R. Velicaria

An Agricultural Expert System (Agritech)
by Nimrod R. Licup
ATN Natural Language Parser for Filipino
by Reynaldo S. Manzano

A comparison of Solutions To the Traveling Salesman Problem Using Neural Networks and Genetic Algorithm Through Simulation
by Paulito P. Palmes 

On the Role of Fractals in Image Compression/Decompression
by Allan A. Sioson 
A Natural Language Front-end Builder for X-base Files
by John Roy A. Geralde
Simulation of Earthquake-Generated Force on Concrete Building
by Jose Maria A. Pangilinan

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