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Rizal Library
The Rizal Library has all the amenities of university libraries of advanced
countries. The library collections include foreign and local materials in
various formats. Access to these materials is via an online catalog, which
is also available on the Web. Abstracts and indexes to local and foreign
materials are also available. The library's Web site is a portal to these
indexes and to other links. It also has more than 240 computers linked to
the Internet via a wired and/or wireless network. In addition it has an
extensive collection of special materials on the Philippines both in print,
digital or microfilm formats. The Rizal Library has its own Photoduplication
and Digitization Unit that reformats newspapers and other materials into
microfilms and DVDs for purposes of preservation and/or distribution upon


To select, acquire, develop, organize, maintain, preserve and make readily available up-to-date information sources needed to support the teaching, scholarship, research and community service programs of the Loyola Schools.

To facilitate speedy and systematic access to useful information both from within the library’s in-house collections as well as from outside resources through professional instruction in the identification and use of such resources, interlibrary cooperation, outreach services and other linkages.

To nurture for both library users and staff a caring and learning environment conducive to the transformation of information into knowledge by utilizing appropriate information and automation technology, providing adequate library equipment and facilities, employing competent library personnel and requiring the highest standard of personal excellence in skills employed and services rendered.

To develop and maintain cooperative relationships with the university community and world of community of scholars for mutually advantageous sharing of resources.


Inline with the Past and Online with the Future, the Rizal Library seeks to become the heart of the Ateneo de Manila University's Loyola Schools in the flow of scholarly information, collecting and accessing information sources from throughout the world and disseminating them to teachers and administrators, students and researchers.

Through its library instruction programs and professional services, the Rizal Library also seeks to help its users in the transformation of information into knowledge in support of the teaching, scholarship, research, and community service programs of the Ateneo de Manila University's Loyola Schools.

Contact Information

Rizal Library
Ateneo de Manila University
Katipunan Road, Loyola Hts., Q.C.
PO Box 154 Manila, Philippines

Tel No. : 4266001 locals. 5550-5573
Fax No. : 4265961
Website :

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