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Regina C. So
Assistant Professor
Regina C. So
Contact information:
C115, Department of Chemistry
Phone: 4266001 loc. 5632
Email: rso@
Educational Background:
BS Chemistry                  De La Salle University
PhD Chemistry               University of Connecticut
Subjects currently handling:
CH 25, CH 26, Sci 10
Research interest:
Organic synthesis
Recent publications:
Busacca, C. A.; Grossbach, D.; Campbell, S. J.; Dong, Y.; Eriksson, M. C.; Harris, R. E.; Jones, P. J.; Kim, J. Y.; Lorenz, J. C.; McKellop, K. B.; O'Brien, E. M.; Qiu, F.; Simpson, R. D.; Smith, L.; So, R. C.; Spinelli, E. M.; Vitous, J.; Zavattaro, C. J. Org Chem. (2004) 69, 5187-5195.

Ndakala, A. J.; Hashemzadeh, M.; So, R. C.; Howell, A. R. “Synthesis of (D)-erythro-dihydrosphingosine and (D)-xylo-phytosphingosine from a Serine-derived, 1,5-dioxaspiro-[3,2]hexane Template,”  Org. Lett. (2002) 4, 1719-1722.

Busacca, C. A.; Grossbach, D.; So, R. C.; O'Brien, E. M.; Spinelli, E. M. “Probing Electronic Effects in the Assymetric Heck Reaction with the BIPI Ligands,”Org. Lett. (2003) 5, 595-598.

So, R. C.; Ndonye, R.; Izmirian, D. P.; Richardson, S. K.; Guerrera, R. L.; Howell, A. R. “Straightforward Synthesis of Sphinganines via a Serine-derived Weinreb Amide,”  J. Org. Chem. (2004) 69, 3233-3235.

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