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What is Faculty Research?

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  1. 1. LS Standing Committee on Scholarly Work of Faculty
    • - Research Coordinators per LS Schools
  2. 2. LS Committee of Ethics
    • - Development of implementing guidelines of Code of Ethics for Research


  1. 1. Foster and support the scholarly world of faculty
  2. 2. Promote a research culture in the University
  3. 3. Liaise with the VP for Academic Affairs, the University Research Council, and other bodies that are involved in LS research activities

Programs that Foster and support the scholarly work of faculty

  1. 1. Research Grants
  2. 2. Scholarly Work Publication Awards
  3. 3. The Loyola Schools Review
  4. 4. Conference Travel Grants

Promoting a research culture in the university 

  • 1. Strengthening research capability
    • - Annual seminar/workshop on developing competitive research proposals
    • - Seminars/Workshops to be offered periodically in coordination with Faculty                      Development and as TFI follow-ups
      • i. Research as social involvement
      • ii. “Refresher” series/current trends
      • iii. On mentoring
      • iv. The peer review and publication process

  • 2. Promoting collaboration and community
    • - blue bag seminars: interdisciplinary perspectives on a current theme
    • - Forum for presenting current work, brewing ideas, and provoking discussion

  • 3. Reviewing and refocusing the various research agenda in the school and University levels 

  • 4. Agenda for Hope:
    • - LS initiative for the Sesquicentennial celebration; our contribution to nation-building 
    • - Interdisciplinary working groups to write and publish on the following themes:


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  • Research Grants

  • Loyola Schools Scholarly Work Publication Awards