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Advanced Placement Program (APP)

Unlike the CEP, assessing a student’s qualification for Advanced Placement Program is left to the discretion of the core department s concerned: they may wish to use the results of the Ateneo College Entrance Test, if applicable, or administer a different examination, whether oral or written. They may also confer this status on a student by virtue of his or her having received an excellent mark in the same course from a reputable high school.


Like the CEP, the Advanced Placement status is given to students who, as a result of a strong secondary education or other forms of formal or non-formal training, have already achieved the learning objectives of particular courses required in the core curriculum. The Advanced Placement Program does not exempt the student from a course; the students are asked to replace the course with a more advanced course in the same discipline. This program is designed to help gifted students push further the boundaries of their learning.



Courses included in the Advanced Placement Program are Communication in English I, Foreign Language and Culture (Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portugese, Russian, Bahasa Indonesia, Japanese, or Mandarin), and Sining ng Pakikipagtalastasan sa Filipino I.


Basic Courses in Freshman Year

In order to help students in their first year in college, those who are weak in English, Math and Filipino are assigned basic courses. These are English 10 (Introduction to College English), Filipino 10 (Basic Filipino), Math 1 (Introduction to College Algebra) and Math 18a/18b (Modern Mathematics I and II for Science Majors). With these basic courses, students are brought up to a level of proficiency that will enable them to successfully tackle the rigors of the college curriculum, with a long-term perspective, it is believed that strengthening the students' academic skills and abilities at the basic level will not only enable them to fully partake of what the Ateneo education has to offer to them but also become an important asset that they will carry with them throughout their professional careers.


For placement in English and Math basic courses, respective departments assess the student's performance in the Ateneo College Entrance Test. A standardized diagnostic or departmental exam will be given within the first few weeks of the semester to confirm the student's placement in a basic course.


For placement in Filipino, a standardized diagnostic or departmental exam will be given by the Filipino Department within the first few weeks of the first semester to determine the student's placement in a basic or regular course.


The basic courses are part of the college curriculum. The regular courses are then taken at some future time or during summer.

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