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Credit by Examination Program

The Credit by Examination Program (CEP) refers to the system by which students (incoming freshmen) who feel that they have already sufficiently achieved the learning objectives of a required core course, qualify for exemption from that course by taking and successfully passing a validation exam. The courses included in this program are General Chemistry, Introduction to Animal Kingdom, Introduction to Plant Kingdom, Introductory Physics, Environmental Science, Modern Mathematics, and Principles of Modern Mathematics. The Credit by Examination Program is open to all interested incoming freshman students. The exam administered under the CEP is equivalent to a comprehensive exam in the course. The requirement for passing a CEP exam is the attainment of a score equivalent to a “B” standing for the course in question.


When a student passes the CEP exam and receives credit for a particular course, he or she is exempted from taking the course, but not necessarily from the academic unit requirement. Under the advisement of his or her home Department Chair (or a duly designated representative), he or she may choose from the following options:


(1) replace the course with another, more advanced course in the same discipline (similar to the Advanced Placement option),


(2) replace the course with either a Major Elective or a Free Elective,


(3) receive an outright waiver of the academic unit requirement by proposing an alternative outside the-classroom learning activity that he or she would like to pursue (e.g., through a leadership role in some co-curricular activity, or by participating in some community or parish-based activity.)


In any case, the objective should be to maximize a student’s learning opportunities whether inside or outside the classroom and all choices must be made with the concurrence of the home Department Chair. In those rare cases when the student and the home Department Chair cannot come to an agreement on the proper disposition of the CEP units, the student may also consult the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. As it is too early for students to know how best to maximize their learning opportunities in their freshman year, students who successfully pass a CEP exam will not be allowed to underload during freshman year. Instead, they will be asked to complete their load by taking sophomore subjects in place of their credited courses. What to do with the “freed up” units will be determined in the junior or senior year.


*Further information on the CEP (schedule of exams, fees, etc.) will be available when the incoming freshman student confirms his or her slot in the Loyola Schools.


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