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The past years have seen major changes in the mathematics needed by both the student to become an accomplished professional and the professional to stay in tune with the fast developing techniques and algorithms used in solving everyday problems.

Thus, more than ever, advanced mathematics is playing a greater role in both the industry and science. Ateneo de Manila University’s Mathematics Department precisely answers these needs through the Master of Mathematics (MoM) program.

Target Students


The program is designed for the following groups of students:

1.      the mathematics educator responsible for the student who would be future professional, and

2.      the professional seeking to strengthen his/her mathematics background to keep up with the changing times.

Special Features

The MoM curriculum offers a balance of theory and applications, both intellectually stimulating and relevant. It intends to give the student the mathematical foundation needed in his/her chosen profession. To do this better, it has two tracks:

1.      the Business track, and

2.      the Science and Engineering track.

The subjects are to be taught side by side with the latest mathematical software such as Scientific Workplace and Mathematica. The students are provided  access to excellent computer facilities.


To qualify for admission to a graduate degree program, the applicant must have:

1.      a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent from a college of good standing;

2.      a general average of 85 percent, “B” or 2;

3.      a minimum of 18 units, or the equivalent, in the discipline in which the applicant intends to do graduate work;

4.      acceptable scores in the entrance tests administered by ACESS at Ateneo de Manila University;

5.      an interview with the Department Chairperson.

Overview of the Program

A student in either track is required to take 36 units broken down as follows:

  • 12 units of required subjects
  • 15 units of major subjects
  • 9 units of electives

The faculty members of the Department of Mathematics have worked out the contents and curriculum of the program after consultation with some schools of engineering and business.


Ma 215 – Modern Algebra and Trigonometry (3 units)
Ma 220 – Analysis for Teachers I (3 units)  
Ma 221 – Analysis for Teachers II (3 units)  
Stat 310 – Basic Statistical Analysis (3 units)  


A. Science and Engineering Track

Ma 222 – Analysis for Teachers III (3 units)  
Ma 224 – Linear Algebra and Matrix Theory (3 units)  
Ma 256 – Numerical Analysis I (3 units)  
Ma 258 – Ordinary Differential Equations (3 units)  
Ma 262 – Theory of Special Functions (3 units)  

B. Business Track

Ma 224 – Linear Algebra and Matrix Theory (3 units)  
Ma 295l.4 – Introduction to Math of Finance and Economics (3 units)  
Ma 295m.1 – Quantitative Methods for Management I (3 units)  
Ma 295m.2 – Quantitative Methods for Management II (3 units)  
Ma 295s.4 – Seminar: Statistical Methods (3 units)  

III. ELECTIVES (9 units)

Electives may be drawn from the approved graduate subjects in statistics, mathematics, or from the subjects listed under Ma 295 – Seminar in Mathematics.


A student is eligible to take the comprehensive examinations after completing the thirty-six units of general and major courses.

For a student pursuing the engineering track, the comprehensive examinations must be on

  1. Analysis for Teachers (Ma 220, Ma 221 and Ma 222)
  2. Linear Algebra and Ordinary Differential Equations (Ma 224 and Ma 258), and
  3. any one (student’s choice) of Complex Analysis (Ma 295a.3), Numerical Analysis (Ma 256) and Theory of Special Functions (Ma 262).

For a student pursuing the business track, the comprehensive examinations must be on

  1. Calculus and Pre-Calculus (Ma 215, Ma 220 and Ma 221)
  2. Quantitative Methods for Management (Ma 295m.1 and Ma 295m.2), and
  3. any one (student’s choice) of Statistical Methods (Ma 295s.4), Financial Mathematics (Ma 295l.4) or a course that has been taken by the student but not included in the other two exams.


A student is considered to have completed the program if he/she has submitted all the admission requirements and has passed the three comprehensive examinations.


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