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Instrumentation and Control

One of the major thrusts of research in communications is the convergence of sensors, data, communications and networks into modern logistics, business networks and energy management networks. The field of instrumentation addresses these concerns using the emerging technologies of RFIDs, chip based sensors, wireless sensors, and wireless networking.

Several interesting examples of state-of-the-art instrumentations is the diagnostics of the Ateneo Hybrid Vehicle being developed by the faculty under the leadership of Engineer Tristan Calasanz. Here numerous system monitor sensors are required for the different subsystems of the vehicle. Another example of interest is smart adaptive power systems that can control appliances to minimize peak rate usage.

The class work in Instrumentation involves designing microprocessor-based control systems, computer interfacing, digital signal processing, and basic robotics. The interfacing work oftentimes dovetails with student research projects in a natural way. Element of their thesis research can be done in the interfacing classes.

The Department is committed to Undergraduate research as part of the student based learning.

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