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B.A.T (Broadband Access Technologies) Labs
Broadband access technologies are at the heart of today's information networks and services. A modern communications engineer needs skills in the basics of communications engineering, network provisioning and service deployment. Moreover we require the Ateneo engineer to understand the business context in which new services and innovative offerings must prove viable.

To make these essential components of the training of our students we have commissioned the Broadband Access Technologies Laboratories, where the faculty and students explore new access technologies and applications. The labs are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment - fiber networks, mobile wireless access, laser communications, and wireless LANs. Students pursue research projects under the umbrella of a multi-year research program to get hands-on experience in developing new service offerings.

The Department is committed to making Undergraduate Research an important part of the student based learning. For 2006 - 2007 the research has revolved around several key groupings on - Tropical Rain Sensors and Networks, ad-Hoc Wireless Networking, Wireless Logistics, Secure Communications and Interactive TV. The technical approach involves a deep understanding of the communications principles involved, the technical, social and business motivations for new service delivery approaches, and an innovative plan of attack.

The B.A.T. Labs include the following key facilities:

* Ateneo-PLDT (Philippine Long Distance Telephone) Advanced Network Testbed - a unique optical fiber testbed featuring a direct STM-4 link with PLDT's Innovation Labs at Dansalan.

* SMART-SWEEP Mobile Wireless Lab - the lab focuses on developing applications for modern mobile communications technologies such as GSM, GPRS and 3G. The lab includes a live GSM base station as well as mobile wireless modems and software.

* Network Testing Lab - the focus is on applications and technologies for broadband wireless access and personal wireless such as Wifi, freespace optical, RF-ID, and optical barcode.

* Satellite Communications Lab - set up via support from the Philippines-Japan POST-PARTNERS program.

Conferences and Publications:

1. M. Domondon, J. Lukban, C. Medina, M. Obien, H. Yap, O. Idano, R. Rollan, N.J.C. Libatique, G. Tangonan, C. Pineda, Potential for an Adaptive-WiFi System for Coverage Deficiency, Paper C027, 6th National ECE (Electronics and Communications Engineering Conference), Metro Manila, Philippines (Dec 2005).

2. M. Obien, F. Punzalan, Jr., M. A. Duran, F. Faustino, D. Santos, Jr., M. Guico, H. Santiano, and N.J.C. Libatique, Characterizing Networks for Virtual University Applications, Paper C028, 6th National ECE Conference, Metro Manila, Philippines (Dec 2005).

3. J. P. Laruscain, C. J. Uy, A. Reyes, T. Tabao, E. Lavides, A. Vergara, E. Carreon, G. N. Lim, J. C. Monje, C. Piñeda, and N. J. C. Libatique, Optical Characterization of the Ateneo-PLDT Advanced Network Testbed, Paper C029, 6th National ECE Conference, Metro Manila, Philippines (Dec 2005).

4. 4. A. Yu, T. Yu, C. Pineda, N. J. C. Libatique, G. Tangonan, Paper C030, Wireless DSL Simulation Over Long Range Wi-Fi Base Stations, 6th National ECE Conference, Metro Manila, Philippines (Dec 2005).

5. F. G. N. Enrique, M. O. C. Z. San Pedro, C. Pineda, G. Tangonan and N. J. C. Libatique, Developing Optimal Prequalification Techniques for DSL Provisioning and Diagnostics, Paper C031, 6th National ECE Conference, Metro Manila, Philippines (Dec 2005).

6. M. Borja, G. Tangonan, and N.J.C. Libatique, ADSL Simulation and Analysis: A Study of a PLDT Cable Facility Based on Discrete Multi-Tone Models, Paper C032, 6th National ECE Conference, Metro Manila, Philippines (Dec 2005).

7.  G. Tangonan, N. Libatique, T. Calasanz, C. Oppus, M. Alano, V. Casareno, R. De La Rama, D. Luna, J. Raymundo, T. Tan, J. Zamora, L. Cinco, A. Frias, and N. Palbrica, Real Time Rain Rate Monitoring and the Simulation of Microwave Propagation Loss in Tropical Rain, 7 th National ECE Conference, Metro Manila (2006).

8. N. J. C. Libatique, G. Tangonan, R. Gustillo, J. B. Simpas, R. Choy, E. Perri, C. Dy, M. Wong, G. de Leon, and R. Gonzalez, An Approach to the Design of a National Wireless Sensor Network for Real Time Rain Sensing and Sudden Hazard Monitoring Applications, 7 th National ECE Conference, Metro Manila (2006).

Collaborative Links With:

* PLDT (Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company) Transtoll Bicutan
* PLDT-TELTEC/InnoLabs Dansalan
* PLDT-Ortigas DSL Business Unit
* Nortel Philippines
* Manila Observatory
* NiCT (Japan)
* PAL (Philippine Airlines)
* Shinsei Electronics
* Japan Radio Corporation
* Photonics Lab (Dept. of Physics, Ateneo)
* Ateneo Java Wireless Center (CTC, Ateneo)
* Communications Engineering Lab (EEE Dept, Univ. of the Philippines)

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