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Areas of Research:

  • High level design of Intellectual Property (IP) cores using industry standard hardware description languages and tools
  • Development of Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) systems for “proof-of-concept” of an algorithm or architecture
  • Development of VLSI design and simulation tools

  • 35 licenses of latest and best-in-class simulation, synthesis and analysis tools from Synopsys
  • 4 FPGA development boards (300K Gates)
  • 1 FPGA development board (1.5M Gates)
  • Programmable Logic Devices (PLD)
  • PLD programmer
  • Development boards for different microprocessors (e.g. PIC, 8051, 8088, Z80, FX2, MCORE, etc.)
Past Research Projects:
  • Design and simulation of microprocessor and microcontroller IP cores
    • 8051
    • 8085
    • PIC
    • USB 1.1 controller
    • MP3 decoder
    • Digital Audio Processor
  • Development of FPGA-based prototype for a high-speed photo printer
  • Development of FPGA-based prototype for a high-speed thermal printer with print and erase capabilities
  • Development of firmware and Windows driver for the FPGA systems
Current Research Projects:
  • Development of an Algorithmic State Machines  (ASM) to Hardware Description Language (HDL) translator 
  • Development of an E1 to USB protocol converter
Future Research Projects
  • IP Core Research and Development
    • Comparative study of existing and proposed microprocessor architectures
    • Study of issues and trends in microprocessor design
    • Design of our own microprocessor which addresses current and projected needs of consumers in the Philippines
    • Timing, power, and area analysis of the designed microprocessor
  • VLSI Tools Research and Development
    • Development of a complete set of free CAD tools and portable libraries for VLSI design.
    • Patterned after the Alliance Project of the Pierre et Marie Curie University of France, a 12 year effort which produced a number of PhD’s and IEEE papers for the university
  • Reconfigurable Computing Research and Development
    • Study of issues and trends in Reconfigurable Computing, a new field of study on hardware architectures that allow dynamic reconfiguration of circuits during run-time
    • Design of dynamically re-programmable FPGA systems for Reconfigurable Computing

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