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Progress Updates

· Supposed April 27 village visit of Ateneo Batch ’50-’54 who donated 12 houses, was postponed;  Rescheduling visit.

· Team College 1997 built in AAA Molave village last April 21; so far the Alumni batch who has built for the longest time (9am – 3pm); wants to build again in Ateneo’s newest village near a beach in Pasacao, Naga; pledged to donate 1 house.

· Team Ateneo High School Council of Student Organizations built in AAA Molave village last April 24 and 27; sets record of longest build time of any group who has built in the village (2 days 9am-4pm); will build again in May

· Team Metrobank Management Trainees began to build in AAA Molave village last April 15, in fulfillment of their pledge to build for two mornings every month.

· Sir Frankie Varona (AAA President), with Cha del Rosario (G.K. National Office Coordinator), Pedy Acosta (Co-Project Director), Rhedgy Hollero (CFC Caretaker team member) and JeeJay Cortes (Village coordinator) met last April 19, set new target for Molave Village for this year – an 80-house showcase model complete with brick roads, landscaping etc., resided with wholesome and well-knitted families. This is in consideration of the limited capability of the residents to build and also to inspire more people from in and out of the village to take part in making the GK vision for Molave happen.

· Open dialogue among Molave village residents and GK authorities, Raul Dizon (GK Regional Coordinator), Lor Clavejo (Co-Project Director), Boy Dacera Jr. and Rhedgy Hollero (CFC Caretaker team members) was conducted last April 27 to discuss matters of developing the Bayanihan spirit in the community; residents resolved to intensify their participation in the builds while the GK team promised to provide more opportunities to the people to become inspired, like model village tours etc.

· 7 houses worth of pledged donations were fulfilled to make the April 1 cut-off date when price of 1 house rose from P60,000 to P75,000 due to material price increase.

GK Alumni Champion Search

The Ateneo Alumni Association and GK-Ateneo are looking for GK Alumni Champions who shall carry this cause to their respective Grade School, High School, Loyola Schools, and Professional Schools batches

As the Ateneo de Manila University adopts the Lower Molave-AAA-GK Village, its 10th GK community, more Ateneo alumni are being called to respond to the needs of our less-fortunate brothers and sisters. These self-less persons shall be named the GK Alumni Champions.

GK Alumni Champions must be willing to volunteer their time and efforts to advance GK to their respective undergraduate batches or alumni groups. GK Alumni Champions shall

·  Promote and spread the word about Gawad Kalinga to their respective batches and alumni groups.

·  Participate and organize batch/alumni builds.

·  Participate and organize fundraising activities.

BE a GK Alumni Champion and BE the best for the least.

Interested individuals may contact Jeejay Cortes, AAA-GK Project Coordinator at 0906.278.4340, Visit for more information about the AAA-GK Village.

AAA-GK Project FAQ's

What is Gawad Kalinga?   
What is the AAA-GK Village?

How can I help?
When are the builds?
How can I donate or pledge?

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The AAA’s most recent and ambitious project is the establishment of its own AAA-Gawad Kalinga Village. Get down on your hands and feet and help build homes for families living in Lower Molave, Payatas.


(as of March 22, 2007)
scroll down for the detailed list of pledges and donations

Houses Built: 11/194

Houses Under Construction: 2

Donations and Pledges Gathered: Php 3,746,681.20

(funds 62 houses)

Ateneo Alumni Association Builds Gawad Kalinga Village in Payatas

The partnership between the Ateneo and Gawad Kalinga has come a long way since we first committed to build what is now known as the Blue Eagle Village in Payatas three years ago. Today, our university is the steward of 6 GK villages in the entire Payatas area and we have just added one more to the list.

The Ateneo Alumni Association (AAA) is building the AAA-GK village in Payatas for approximately 200 families and we invite all alumni to take part in this movement that has been changing lives and transforming communities all over our country.

AAA Directors and members during the October 22, 2006 soft-launching.

We’d like to thank the following groups/batches for pledging their support to this project!
(as of May 3, 2007)

ADMU Classes/Batches who have fulfilled their pledges to build:
College 1998 – Batch Build:
December 9, 2006
2007 AAA Directors
– Directors' Build:
February 10, 2007
CFC Caretaker Team:
February 25, 2007
Accenture Team (c/o Mai Ventura, Coll 1998):
March 10, 2007
Coll ’97 (c/o Reg de Gracia)
Apr. 21, 2007
Ateneo H.S. Council of Student Organizations
(c/o Sylvia Aldana, council moderator)
Apr. 24 & 27, 2007

ADMU Classes/Batches who have fulfilled their pledges to fund houses:
HS 1968 – 8 Houses
HS 1981: 4G
– 3 Houses
Raise the Roof – 14 Houses

ADMU Classes/Batches who have pledged to build:
College 1999 – Batch Build
date: TBA
APCG/PEERS – Org Build
May 2007
HS 1948
May 2007
AHS CSO Visual Arts
May 2007
date: TBA

ADMU Classes/Batches who have pledged to fund houses:
GS 1950, HS 1954 – 12 Houses
HS 1982 – 1 House
HS 1989 – 1 House
College 1977 1 House
College 1978 1 House
College 1986 1 House
College 1998 1 House
College 1999
– 1 House
College 2002 – 1 House
Crown Asia


  • October 22 Soft Launching

  • October 24

  • October 28

  • November 1

  • November 25 Grand Launch and Build

  • February 10 Directors Build