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Pamana Grant


What is Pamana Grant?

The Pamana Grant was envisioned in 2004 as a means to provide CS and MIS students with make minor payments related to their research or projects.  The Pamana Grant is not intended for scholarships or notebook computers.  The grant will initially cater to funding assistance request for completion of DISCS course requirements such as theses and projects.

Who are eligible to apply?

All BS CS and BS MIS students (individual or group) are eligible to apply the grant.

How to apply for the Pamana Grant?

Students who wish to apply for grant should submit the following:

  • Duly accomplished Pamana Grant Application form
  • Letter of Intent (LOI)

The Pamana Grant Application Form and LOI should be submitted to the DISCS Office during office hours in a sealed short brown envelope which is clearly marked "PAMANA GRANT LETTER OF INTENT"

DISCS reserves the right to determine the grant amount to be rewarded.  The maximum grant amount is P5,000.



Pamana Grant Application Form

The electronic version of the Pamana Grant Application Form can be downloaded here.



Pamana Grant Letter of Intent (LOI) Format

Use the following word processing format specifications:

  • 1" margins on all sides
  • 12 point type (Times or similar font)
  • Double-space lines

In a maximum of two pages please include the following:

  1. Purpose of this Granting request.  Please describe the following:
  2. Breakdown of expenditures
    • The issue/need you are addressing
    • What you hope to accomplish (outputs/and or outcome)
    • How you intend to accomplish the above
  3. Names and brief description of roles of partners/group members on this project/contest/conference (if applicable)



For additional information:



Downloadable forms and documents

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