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Sanggunian ng Mga Mag-aaral ng Ateneo de Manila(Student Council)

Sanggunian 2006, the student government of the Loyola Schools, joins the various administration offices in the challenge of forming the Ateneans towards the ideals of academic excellence, cultural-rootedness, social responsibility and spiritual maturity. A conspiracy one may say? Not at all. The Sanggunian of this year believes that what our alma mater dreams for us is not just for us to excel in just one of the four, but to integrate all of these ideals in our entirety and identity as human beings, as HOLISTIC MEN & WOMEN FOR OTHERS. Hence, it is conscious in the minds of the Sanggunian officers to offer projects and programs that will give opportunities to nurture any or a combination of the four ideals, while considering still the needs and aspirations of typical students in Ateneo. Ultimately, the Sanggunian 2006 opens its doors to formative opportunities, particularly efficient, effective services and proactive representation, that will further the welfare and enrichment of the student body.


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