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In Memoriam 2011

Jose "Baby" Reyes Perez GS'50 HS'54 Col'58, December 26
Gabino "Gaby" A. Mendoza HS'49 Col'53, former President of Asian Institute of Manangement, December 22
Francisco Xavier "Kiko" A. Roco GS'78 HS'82, December 4
Dennis A. Reyes GS'71 HS'75 Col'79 MS'96, December 4
Emmanuel "Lito" Moreno Cleofe GS'58 HS'62 Col'66 MBM'69, December 1


Maria Leonor D. Barot Col 2002, November 28
Quintin "Quin" P. Santiago Sr. GS'33 HS'38 Col'42, November 23
Antonio "Al" M. Llorente Col'75 LLB'79, November 20
Crispino "Oying" M. Medina Jr. GS'66 HS'70, November 20
William Romero Veto Sr.
Law'51, November 20
Teresito "Chito" M. Laygo
Col'55, AGS faculty from 1955 to 1960, AHS faculty from 1960 to 1962 and from 1966 to 1971, November 16
Rolando "Rolly" A. Cailles Col'59 Law'64 and past president of Ateneans USA in Chicago, November 14
Ramon "Digo" Tuason King Jr.
GS'57 HS'61, November 7

Fr. Guido F. Arguelles SJ
HS'50, 30 October
Salvador "Badong" F. Bernal Col'66; professor of the Department of Interdisciplinary Studies, and stage, costume and production designer for many of the Ateneo de Manila's theater productions; and National Artist of the Philippines for Theater Design, October 26
Benjamin "Ben" V. Sanchez
GS'42, October 21
Eduardo "Eddie" G. Francisco GS'64 HS'68 Col'72 Law'78, October 2

Cesar "Boy" Pecson Lopez Jr. HS'59 Col'64, September 24
Ramon Hilario "Larry" S. Javier GS'62 HS'66, September 23
Jose "Boteng" M. Santiago HS'66, September 22
Theodore "Ted" P. Von Heiland GS'52 Col'60, September 15
Pablo "Tito" Reyes Mercado III HS'62 Col'66, September 13
Luciano "Lito" Adorable Atendido
GS'53 HS'57 Col'63, September 10
Owen S. Carsi Cruz GS'75 HS'79 Col'83 Law'92, September 5
Alena Maria Lourdes "Alena" V. Avellana Col'97, September 4
Edgardo "Gerry" V. Geraldez HS'54, September 4
Robert Vincent "Vince" Francisco Kelemen GS'66 HS'70 MBA'80, September 2

Lauro "Larry" Jose Jocson Col'52 LLB'56, August 28
Andrew U. Que Col'76, August 25
Luis "Louie" C. David GS'32 HS'36 Col'40, August 21
Mario "Roy" F. Alcid GS'51 HS'55, August 11
Jose Maria "Nonoy" Ezpeleta Gepuela, Jr. GS'64 HS'68 Col'72, August 10
Valentin S. Daez, Jr. Col'53, August 7

Romeo S. Villonco HS'32, July 24
Emmanuel "Manny" R. Amador GS'76 HS'80 Col'84 Col'85, July 22
Jose Maria "Joe" R. Quintos GS'40 HS'46, July 8
Raul Tiu Peñaranda Col'61, July 4

Eduardo G. Singian GS'60 HS'64, June 21
Gen. Aristeo T. Feraren Col'34, Ateneo War Veteran, June 15
Atty. Emmanuel "Manny" Valenzuela Santiago
GS'50 HS'54 LLB'60 MBA'72, June 9

Dr. Alejandro "Anding" R. Roces GS'37 HS'40, Honoris Causa PhD'96, National Artist of the Philippines for Literature, May 23
Ruben M. Medina
HS'49 Col'53, May 19
Pedro C. Mendoza Jr. Col'51 LLB'55, May 17
Marcelo "Elo" N. Fernando GS'41 HS'46, May 14
Benjamin "Benjie" Abaya Oca GS'62 HS'66, May 10
Edgardo "Dodo" B. Crisol GS'66 HS'70, May 6

Jesus "Chito" Veloso Ayala GS'41 HS'47 Col'51 LLB'54 (also Doctor of Humanities honoris causa 1982 and former member of the Board of Trustees, Ateneo de Davao University), April 19
Ambassador Jose Lino "Joe" B. Guerrero MA'62, April 19
Jose "Joe" L. Pavia GS'51 HS'56 Col'61, April 18
Hilario Legarda Zialcita, M.D. GS'28 HS'32 Col'34, April 14
Ma. Isabel "Maribel" S. Africa Mercado Col'84, April 11
Alfredo "Freddie" Kanapi Col'64, April 10
Alejandro "Andy" S. Santos
GS'59 HS'63, April 7
Joel F. Descallar Law'86, April 5
Renato "Atong" M. Labadan MBA'76, April 5

Adriano "Bebot" T. Guerrero GS'67 HS'71 Col'75, March 27
Fausto Benjamin "Benjie" A. Suzara Col'84, March 23
Rey "Ley" P. Alcid GS'74 HS'78 Col'84, March 22
Jaime Tomas "Jimmy" B. Quizon Col'73, March 20
J. Conrado P. Castro HS'75, March 19
Glenn Lopez Ferrer GS'75 HS'79, March 18
Fr. Francis George Doyle, SJ, March 18
Read the Funeral Mass homily of Fr. Frank Raper, SJ
Benjamin M. Sison GS'52 Col'60, March 14
Mario A. IgnacioMario A. Ignacio GS'61 HS'65, March 10
Rodrigo L. Salud
Law'60, March 7
Ciceron "Ceron" Jose Encomienda
HS'50, March 5
Lolito L. Dela Paz Col'75, March 4

Genesio Militante Navarro
GS'49 HS'80 Col'57, February 28
Hadrian V. ArroyoHadrian "Toto" V. Arroyo
Col'66 Law'72, February 23
John Sylvester D. Horca
GS 2000, February 6
Alain Darryl P. Martin
GS 2001 HS 2005 Col 2009, February 6

Romeo "Romy" B. Batino
Law'60, January 30
Patricio "Pat" Y. Pineda
GS'35 HS'37 Law'41, January 24
Carlos G. Ramirez
GS'37 HS'41, January 22
Felix "Bing" H. Limcaoco
HS'47, January 20
Fernando P. Jacinto Jr.Fernando "Pocholo" P. Jacinto Jr.
GS'63 HS'67, January 19
Juan Cesar "Chito" Viriña Araneta
HS'77, January 5

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