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Mauricio C. Martelino

HS 1951, BS 1955


He’s tall enough to be a basketball player, but instead, he found himself linked to the no-contact sport of tenpin bowling a decade after he got his BS Economics degree. It’s in bowling where Mauricio Calderon Martelino, Moying to close friends, made a name in sports, not necessarily as an athlete (although he was a Class-A bowler), but for his efficient handling of the day-to-day affairs of the Philippine Bowling Congress (PBC) as its secretary-general.

   His two-year stint at the PBC started Moying’s road to success as a sports administrator, a job he never dreamed of landing considering his previous experiences in the field of sales and as a legislative assistant in the Manila Municipal Council. It also brought him closer to sportswriters and the country’s key sports officials.

   Married to the late Esperanza Vergel de Dios, with whom he has four children, Moying, now 71, is often called to perform delicate tasks in big, prestigious international events hosted by the Philippines. One such event was last year’s 23rd Southeast Asian Games, where he set up and handled one of the games’ most vital operations – the PressCenter at the PICC. It was actually the second time this soft-spoken, level-headed Ateneo alumnus had been tapped to run the PressCenter, the first time being in 1981, when the Philippines staged the first of three SEAG here. Another big assignment was the 7th World Basketball Championship at the Araneta Coliseum in 1978, where he served as executive director of the organizing committee.

   Moying’s long association with the Basketball Association of the Philippines (BAP), where he served as finance officer from 1970 to 1986 and then as secretary-general from 1986 to 1990, and his four-year stint (1982–1985) in Project Gintong Alay as public relations officer helped improve his image as a dependable and credible sports official. He endeared himself to the sports media because he often spent long hours discussing the problems of sports and providing possible solutions. Even when he was already in the Middle East, working as consultant to Qatar’s National Olympic Committee from 1989 to 1994, Moying was still sought out by many of his sportswriter-friends for sizzling sports news. This continued when he became secretary-general of the Asian Basketball Confederation (ABC) from 1991–1998 and member of the powerful FIBA (International Basketball Federation) Central Board.

   Moying retired shortly after his ABC and FIBA stints and quietly slipped into town. But his romance with sports was too good to forget. Soon he found himself organizing the V League, a women’s volleyball tournament, together with former PBA Commissioner Emilio “Jun” Bernardino and former PBA operations manager Richard “Ricky” Palou. With the trio’s combined touch, the league turned into an instant success.

   Moying was quietly enjoying the V League’s success when he was tapped again to help the 23rd SEAG. Just when he thought he’d be able to rest afterwards, he got still another invitation to help the country’s coming campaign in the Doha Asian Games, this time as head of the RP Secretariat. Moying, like a true-blue Atenean, has accepted the challenge to serve once more.

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