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Call for Papers

The Vice President is happy to announce the opening of the Loyola Schools Scholarly Work Publications Awards, and the Loyola Schools Outstanding Scholarly Work Awards for SY 2007-2008. These awards give recognition to the scholarly work of full-time faculty members of the Loyola Schools. 

All full-time faculty members of the Loyola Schools are invited to apply for the awards by submitting their research or creative works published in the period between November 1, 2006 and October 31, 2007. Please take careful note of the Publications Awards guidelines (found on page 2 of this memo), which had been revised this school year. 

The Outstanding Scholarly Work Award is a special recognition to work of such quality that contributes significantly to the discipline, is novel or innovative, and/or meets high standards of excellence, e.g., an article in an ISI journal or a book published by a reputable publishing institution. The award is given to the most outstanding scholarly work in the Humanities, Science and Engineering, Social Sciences, and Management. The author, a colleague, or the Dean may nominate a published work using the form attached to this memo. The outstanding scholarly work will be chosen by a panel of judges formed by the Dean of each school. 

Each Outstanding Scholarly Work Award is accompanied by a plaque and a cash prize of P50,000 net of taxes (to be shared with co-authors for co-authored work; co-authors who are not Loyola Schools faculty members are not eligible for the awards). These, together with the Scholarly Work Publications Awards and the Scholarly Work with Most Social Impact, will be conferred at the Loyola Schools Scholarly Work Awards ceremony in February 2008.

The deadline for application for the awards is 19 January 2008. Please submit the application (see attached guidelines) and nomination forms to the Office of the Vice President for the Loyola Schools, care of Ms. Marla Andrada. 

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