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Request for Extension/Extension and Reinstatement

1.      Definition – Student who has exceeded/is about to exceed the time limit for the degree requests for an extension of the time limit to complete the degree program. If the student has not been enrolled at the Loyola Schools for the past two semesters, the student must also apply for reinstatement.

2.    Conditions
a.    The student should be in good academic and disciplinary standing at the time when the request is made.

b.    The Chairperson assesses the possible extension of the student’s studies and if so, whether this should be in the student’s last degree program or if the student should shift to another degree program. The Chairperson also determines the academic requirements that the student should fulfill to complete the degree.

c.    After the Chairperson endorses the student’s request, the Dean’s approval has to be obtained.

d.    The student is advised to file the Request for Reinstatement/Extension at least 2 weeks before registration. 

3.  Procedures
a.    The student must accomplish three (3) copies of the Request Form for Reinstatement/Extension.  This may be obtained from the Office of the Registrar.

b.    The student obtains the endorsement of the Chairperson.

c.    The student waits for the outcome of the request. 

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