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Validation of Subjects for Transferee Students

1.     Definition - If a student is a transferee, subjects from the student’s previous graduate school may be validated by the Chairperson.  The Chairperson will indicate which subjects, if any, will be recognized as having Loyola Schools equivalents.

2.     Conditions
a.    Only units taken within three (3) years prior to the student’s first registration for the degree at the Loyola Schools may be credited.

The student must have these subjects credited within the first semester of study at the Loyola Schools.

b.    The number of transferred credits and cross-enrolled units should not exceed the CHED’s residence requirements for the master’s and doctoral degrees. Under the CHED rule, this shall be at least two consecutive semesters or the equivalent of 12 units for the master’s and 24 units for the doctoral degree excluding units for the thesis or dissertation, respectively.
3.     Procedures
a.    The student must accomplish three (3) copies of the Request Form for Transfer of Credits.  This may be obtained from the Office of the Registrar.

b.    The student obtains the signatures of the Chairperson and the Registrar.

c.    The Registrar and the Chairperson each receives one copy of the accomplished form.

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