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Cross Registration

1.     Definition - Student wishes to enroll in another university while being enrolled in a degree program at the Loyola Schools.

2.   Conditions
a.    A student admitted to the Graduate Programs may not cross-register in another school without the prior permission of the concerned Department Chairperson and the Registrar and only after filing the appropriate cross-registration forms.

b.    The Chairperson must determine if the subject/s to be cross-registered is a subject in the degree program.  The Chairperson may require a minimum grade or validating exam before the subject is validated as a Loyola Schools subject.  The student must find out the conditions for validation before proceeding with cross-registration.

c.    The grade for the subject to be entered in the student’s official transcript may have to be validated by the Chairperson. 

d.    The number of transferred credits and cross-enrolled units should not exceed the CHED’s residence requirements for the master’s and doctoral degrees. Under the CHED rule, this shall be at least two consecutive semesters or the equivalent of 12 units for the master’s and 24 units for the doctoral degree excluding units for the thesis or dissertation, respectively.
3.      Procedure
a.    The student must accomplish four (4) copies of the Request to Cross-Register Form.  This may be obtained from the Office of the Registrar.

b.    The student obtains the signatures of the Chairperson and the Registrar.

c.    The student secures the signatures of the Registrar and Dean of the receiving school.

d.    One (1) copy of each of the accomplished forms is given to the Office of the Registrar and the Chairperson.

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