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Primer on the Gifts of the First Companions


 Companions in the Lord

Doing God’s Work

                  For the Hope of the World

Primer on the

Gifts of the First Companions

    Source: Jubilee Year Committee,

Philippine Province of the Society of Jesus 

The Jubilee Year officially began 3 December 2005 and celebrates the spirit of these founders of the Society of Jesus:

     Ignatius Loyola – died 31 July 1556 in Rome   

     Francis Xavier – born 7 April 1506 at Javier in Navarre

     Peter Faber – born 13 April 1506 in Villaret Savoy


In these first three Jesuits, we recall that the Society of Jesus began in companionship. In each of them we see personal symbols of the essential aspect of the “original spirituality” of the Society.

As Jesuits and lay partners, therefore, we wish to celebrate this jubilee year by contemplating the foundational experience of their companionship. We desire to appropriate the unique gifts of each for our challenging time and Philippine context. In these difficult and uncertain times of national crisis, we wish to receive the spiritual resources we need to endure and to respond to our situation with creativity and hope.

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