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High School

High School

The High School campus features various facilities designed to give value-added support to the rigorous academic environment of the Ateneo. It features a library which provides access to numerous collections, both local and foreign, as well as educational CD-ROMs and other computer based materials.

The ITC, Instructional Technology Center, has two audio visual rooms and provides a wide variety of non-print materials for faculty and students. The Tanghalang Onofre Pagsanghan, the home of Dulaang Sibol, is a showcase for theatrical and musical presentations.

The Center for Math, Science and Technology which was blessed on 13 March 2003, will be in full operation for the coming school year.

The religious formation programs bring out the best in Ateneo students and these are constantly improving.

Finally, fine sports facilities and a green campus under blue skies make the Ateneo de Manila High School an excellent place for a young man to grow up to be a person of excellence.


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