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Primary School

Primary School
Class Teacher Scheme

The Self-Contained Classroom, also called the Class Teacher Scheme is the most effective vehicle by which the goals of the Primary School could best be achieved.  In a setting where one teacher takes care of all the subjects of only one class, integration of subject matter using Reading skills and values as the thread is properly ensured.

    The Class Teacher Scheme has always been the ideal in the educational endeavor of the Society of Jesus.  It is a natural and necessary means for achieving the goal of Jesuit Education, namely, the total formation of the student.  Jesuit education has always stressed the full development of human potentials - spiritual, moral, intellectual, emotional, socio-cultural - in a coherent, integrated manner so that the person evolves a Christian and humanistic world-view.

    The goal of total formation is best achieved through the principle of cura personalis alumnorum, the personal care and concern given by the teacher to his or her students. Best in the Class Teacher Scheme where the major role of formation is precisely in the hands of a teacher who is in contact with the students for the most part of the school day.  Through a close relationship with her students, the teacher is able to guide them in forming desirable habits, values and ideals.  In addition the scheme provides an excellent opportunity for teaching by example and role-modeling.

    The use of stories to weave the subjects together is what known as the Storybook Weaving Approach. 

    Prepared lesson plans called modules are collaboratively drafted by all teachers in a particular grade level.  These modules are critiqued and further revised before they are actually implemented in the classroom.  After implementation, teachers are made to spend time to reflect on how the day's lessons proceeded and then journal the lessons' success or lack of it.
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GLC Prep  : Chet Bengzon local 7140

GLC 1  : Eden Rabena local 7141

GLC 2: Lina del Pilar local 7142

GLC 3 : Rowena Andrada  local 7143



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