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HS-Dads and sons in red at Gesu, PUSH's bonding event for sophs 06-07
PUSH Organizational Structure

School Personnel

Representing the interests and concerns of the High School in implementing the Parenting Program is the Director for Parent Relations and Programs.  Assisting him in the implementation of the parenting skills and formation program is the Coordinator for Parenting Programs and Activities.  A secretary services the Office of Parent Relations and Programs.

Also representing the interests and concerns of the institution, but in a more narrow and focused manner, is the Class Moderator.  He is a member of the faculty appointed by the Principal to represent the interests and concerns of a particular class.

Parent Group

All parents of duly registered High School students are members of the PUSH (Parent Union for School and Home.)

CLASS PARENT REPRESENTATIVE.  At the beginning of each school year, the school invites and appoints two couple Class Parent Representatives (CPR) for each class.  They are automatically the President and Vice President of the parents in each class.  The other class parent officers (CPO), Secretary, Treasurer, and Public Relations Officer, are voted upon by the class parents at a designated date.

YEAR LEVEL COUNCIL.  Also at the beginning of the school year, the Class Parent Representatives of all classes in a year level meet to elect the parent officers of the year level.  The Class Parent Representatives of a year level sitting en banc comprise the Year Level Council.  The parent president and vice president of the year level are  ex officio members of the PUSH Executive Council.

PUSH EXECUTIVE COUNCIL.  The PUSH Executive Council is composed of the Presidents and Vice Presidents of the first, second, third, and fourth Year Level Councils.  The officers of the PUSH EXECOM are as follows:

          Chair               :      4th Year Council President
          Vice Chair      :      3rd Year Council President
          Treasurer       :      2nd Year Council President
          Secretary        :      1st Year Council President

The PRO may be elected from the other members of the EXECOM.

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