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AB Development Studies Program
The Bachelor of Arts major in Development Studies was established in 1986. This degree program is ideal for individuals who want to make effective contributions to the continuing effort to improve Philippine society. It combines analytical rigor with practical considerations of development dynamics in the Philippines. Its curriculum provides a healthy balance of socio-economic theories, policy analysis and research and management tools. In a world where “development” in its various dimensions is a central concern and need, systematic theoretical and practical training in this field of study serves as a distinct advantage for the graduates of the AB Development Studies Program.

Development Management involves the application of management principles and practices to the context of social development. The Minor in Development Management is being offered by the Development Studies Program in response to the increasing need for good managers working with social development institutions – managers who do not only have a mastery of development concepts but who also possess management skills that will make them effective change agents. The minor is open to all undergraduate students of the Loyola Schools.

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