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Degree Programs
Chinese Studies (Minor)

With China’s impressive rise in the international scene since 1979, Filipinos have found it ever more necessary to increase their knowledge of China -- its history, culture, language, and political and economic systems. This program imparts such knowledge, inspiring students to help cultivate harmonious relations between the Philippines and China. It also promotes Ateneo’s vision of persons-for-others through the teaching of Chinese values. The Minor in Chinese Studies offers students keys to the business opportunities unleashed by China’s economic growth. It provides language instruction and courses on Chinese history, politics, economics, and culture. It deepens the student’s understanding of the Chinese contribution to our Filipino heritage. The Certificate of Chinese Language Proficiency is awarded to Ateneo students who pass the proficiency tests for the four levels given by the Chinese Studies Program. Ateneo students who have successfully completed twelve units of Chinese Mandarin courses receive the Certificate of Completion of Chinese Language Courses. Advanced or accelerated students may qualify for the certificate after only nine units. The certificate is awarded at the end of the senior year.

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