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GK Stories of Hope

GK is not just about the houses

GK is not just about the houses, because if it were, I would end up being a carpenter or a skilled laborer. It’s definitely more than that.

It’s about the relationships that are being built in the communities. It’s about bridging the gap of the rich and the poor, which is one of our country’s biggest problems.

It’s about learning to trust each other, without seeing the other as an ex-squatter, a politician, a student, a CEO, or an ex-convict, but by seeing each other as a fellow Filipino and human being. It’s about opening your hearts and letting go of your fears. It’s about giving care to your kadugo, your fellow Filipino.

It’s Gawad Kalinga’s way to give care. It’s not just about theories and researches; it’s about going beyond the papers and debates and actually doing your part as a citizen. It’s having a stake in your own life and the lives of others. It’s about believing and using your own talents and strengths not only for the benefit of your own family, but the bigger family that most have unconsciously forgotten—the Filipino people.

It’s about making yourself useful in your own nation and not other countries. It’s about making a change and believing in every person that you see and doing your part to bring out the hero in that individual. It’s about real people power.

It’s about sharing and fighting for a common cause. It’s not about activism anymore; it’s already about heroism. It’s beyond pointing out the problems; it’s already about making solutions for these problems. It’s about taking a stand and doing your part as a Filipino.

As long as there is still a Filipino who would just sit around and wait for things to get better, as long as there’s someone who would just depend on the current administration, our country would never change; for every Filipino represents the Philippines.

Come to think of it, I could end up as a carpenter. Actually, I already am. I am a carpenter of this country and would continue to build this home for my fellow Filipinos.

Bem Olaguera
GK Youth Ateneo - Cabiao On-Site Operations Head

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