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Justitia room in the Ateneo Law School
Ateneo Law Alumni Association Inc.
The ALAAI is a foundation of the alumni of the Ateneo Law School, founded in 1979. Its members are:

Regular Members
The regular members of the Association shall be:
(a) Any person who has been awarded a diploma of the Ateneo College of Law;
(b) Any person who is a former student of the Ateneo College of Law, having been registered therein for at least two (2) academic years or their equivalents and not having been dishonorably dismissed from the same, provided, he is a member in good standing of the Philippine Bench or Bar or has distinguished himself in other fields of endeavor, whose application for membership has been approved by the Board of Trustees of the Foundation;
(c) Any person who is or has been Dean of the Ateneo College of Law;

Honorary Members

The honorary members of the Association shall be:
(a) All past or present members of the Law Faculty of the Ateneo de Manila College of Law, not falling under the purview of Section 2 of this Article, who have taught at the Ateneo College of Law for at least two (2) academic years;
(b) Any person, not being qualified under Section 2 nor under Section 3, par. (a) of this Article, who has distinguished himself in the legal profession upon recommendation and approval by the Board of Trustees.”

It has for its purposes:

“To help the Ateneo College of Law in the achievement of the noble ends for which it has been established; to provide financial support, within the Philippines and abroad, for studies of selected students of the Ateneo College of Law and for the attendance of local and international conferences by qualified and competent scholars in the legal profession; to provide for a forum for the discussion of law, jurisprudence, law reform, pleading, practice and procedure, and the relation of the Bar to the Bench and to the public, to establish legal aid offices and set up lawyer reference services throughout the country so that the poor may not lack competent legal service, and in furtherance of the same.”

The Ateneo Law Alumni Association, Inc. (ALAAI) wishes to congratulate the new set of Officers for 2011

Justice Santiago J. Ranada, Jr.          Chairman of the Board
Teodoro B. Cruz, Jr.                                Vice-Chairman of the Board
Aleli Angela G. Quirino                        President
Ma. Cecilia S. Burayag                          Internal Vice President
Albert Dennis N. Añover                      External Vice President
Emerson U. Palad                                   Treasurer
Francis A. Africa                                    Corporate Secretary
Elaine Patricia S. Reyes                        Asst. Corporate Secretary

Members of the 2011 Board of Trustees
1.  Justice Santiago J. Ranada, Jr. - Chairman
2.  Nordy P. Diploma
3.  Cirilo T. Tolosa
4.  Antonio C. Pacis
5.  Danilo C. Reyes
6.  Victor N. Alimurung
7.  Teodoro B. Cruz, Jr.
8.  Ricardo C. Bernabe, Jr.
9.  Eduardo G. Castelo
10.  Ramon P. Ereñeta, Jr.
11.  Rafael S. Declaro, Jr.
12.  Valeriano S. Del Rosario
13.  Jose Ma G. Hofileña
14.  Ma. Cecilia S. Burayag
15.  Albert Dennis N. Añover
16.  Thaddeus E. Venturanza
17.  Andre Philippe G. Betita
18.  Jose Martin R. Tensuan
19.  Luis MJ S. Romero-Salas
20.  Francis A. Africa
21.  Vanessa Del Rosario

Ex-Officio Members
1.  Crispino P. Reyes (Chairman Emeritus)
2.  Aleli Angela G. Quirino (2008-2011 President)
3.  Juan Carlos T. Cuna (2007-2008 Past President)
4.  Edilberto S. Gaddi (Honoree Class 1960)
5.  Dante A. Carandang (Honoree Class 1970)

1.  Fr. Joaquin G. Bernas, SJ
2.  Ramon H. Felipe, Jr.
3.  Justice Hector L. Hofileña

Correspondence to the Association officers may be coursed through the ALAAI office at Ateneo Professional Schools, 20 Rockwell Drive, Rockwell Center, Makati City or email at

For more information about the Ateneo Law Alumni Association, Inc. kindly go to 

Contact Information

Ateneo Law Alumni Association, Inc.
c/o Aleli Angela “Lila” Quirino (Law Class ’84)

Head Office:
ACCRA Building
122 Gamboa Street
Legaspi Village
0770 Makati City
Metro Manila, Philippines

Telephone: (63-2) 830-8000
Fax: (63-2) 816-0119; (63-2) 812-4897

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