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Ateneo Foundation of Resident Students
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The Ateneo Foundation of Resident Students, Inc. (AFORS for short) was incorporated with the SEC on May 23, 2002. The purpose/s for which the association was incorporated are:
  1. To establish, own, operate and maintain a private foundation to promote, encourage, develop, support, assist   in the promotion of educational, charitable, philanthropic, civic, humanitarian, social welfare, scientific and other related aims, objectives, endeavors or activities;
  2. To unite alumni of the Ateneo de Manila Residence Halls into an organization to keep alive the Christian principles and patriotic ideals fostered in and imbibed from said institutions;
  3. To provide aid for members of this corporation and their families and to establish scholarship funds and such other funds as may be in keeping with the ideals of furthering the religious and educational principles and charitable objectives of the Ateneo de Manila;
  4. To assist in the amelioration of the living conditions of the poor, the handicapped and the distressed by providing access to educational  facilities and programs;
  5. For the purpose of carrying out the purposes aforementioned, to solicit donations of real and personal property and organize campaigns for the soliciting of funds for said purposes; and generally to do and perform all acts and things reasonably necessary and proper for the carrying out of the foregoing purposes.
  6. To help, aid and assist the poor and the needy, and those in dire need of help and assistance and to use and distribute the funds of the Foundation for charitable purposes, and for the benefit of an indefinite number of sick, poor and needy persons, either by relieving them in their sickness or by assisting them to establish themselves in life.

Contact information

Ateneo Foundation of Resident Students, Inc.
c/o Mr. Timothy Gabuna
Director for the Residence Halls
Cervini Hall
Loyola Schools
Ateneo de Manila University

Telephone Numbers:
426-6001 local 4900
Direct Line 426-6119
Fax 426-6118

George C. Nograles

Marie Pauline Batiller

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